Adventure starts with a passion for the unknown


We love adventures of all kinds. From loading up for days or weeks on the road to light and nimble on a ribbon of singletrack. We love wandering and seeing what is around the next bend. We believe motorcycles are a great way to explore, and we believe great equipment helps you go further.

Stuck Moto


Doubletake was born out of frustration and necessity. Our founder, Ned Suesse, managed to break both mirrors and one master cylinder in a single small crash and felt like there had to be a better way. He wanted a mirror he could fold when offroad to keep it safe and also with great optics when it was extended for safety on the road. Mostly, he needed something he could depend on to move if hit so he didn’t have to worry about breaking it and could stay focused on riding.

Doubletake Prototype


In typical back of the napkin fashion, Ned mapped out a design with two ball joints and after a lot of trial and error hit upon a design he was proud to put out into the world. Thus, the Enduro Mirror was born! Fast forward to today, tens of thousands of riders around the world trust Doubletake mirrors as they crisscross the globe on adventures of their own. Our mirrors have crossed the finish line of the Dakar Rally, been to every continent and from our humble roots the Doubletake product line has grown to include the Adventure, Dual Sport, and Trail Mirror, along with our original Enduro Mirror.

Ned at the 2012 Dakar


The dual pivot design has proven its value, but we felt we could make it better, so we decided to start with a clean sheet of paper and create a ball that would not crush, an arm that would hold even better yet be easier to adjust, and a look that stands out. 

New Product


Be kind. We get the privilege of seeing the world’s most interesting roads from our customers' handlebars. We feel really lucky, and we want to return that good fortune to the world by being beneficial in every interaction. Therefore, we strive to treat our customers, vendors, and everyone we interact with the best we can every day.

We are curious. We love to learn new things, find new places, meet new people. We keep making improvements to our products as we learn how to do things better, and we will keep exploring.

We are accountable. We appreciate the trust our customers place in our products, and we do everything we can to grow that trust by standing behind our products. We have a lifetime warranty on the products we make, and a satisfaction guarantee.

Be Kind

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