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The best adventure mirrors ever made are by Doubletake.

Mark Hoyer- Cycle World Magazine

I have more than 10000 miles on my Adventure Mirrors, and I think they are a great improvement over stock. Not only is breakage no longer a concern, the view is better and they never moved. They are really good! 


I love the new Adventure Mirrors on my KTM 1290.  The don’t move at all at speed and the surface area and shape give me a much better view of what is going on (and the riders that are behind me which is a regular occurrence on the 1290!).


I had one Double Take Mirror on my bike when a car crashed into me and did extensive damage to the bike. The mirror has some scratches on the back plastic but the mirror side is perfect. No need to buy a replacement. I love the design.


The stock mirror is worthless off road. I switched to a Double Take unit. It kills it off-road, and you can actually see traffic behind you on the pavement.

Tom Webb- Dirt Bike Magazine

Great field of view, and so little vibration I could keep track of the 3 - no 4 - bikes tailing me on the way home on the slab.


I have been using these for well over a year now, they continue to work great. Excellent product. Really nice not to have to worry about a mirror breaking off the clutch mount should you happen to topple over.


Ordered my second set today. Once you go doubletake you don't go back.


I have broken blinkers, body panels, bark busters, and even my Garmin GPS.....but the mirror takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'.


The Double Takes are the most vibration free mirrors I've had on my KLR out of 4 different sets.

Outstanding Visibility
Our mirrors use SAE spec convex glass (like the stock ones do) which gives a much greater field of view than flat glass would, while avoiding excessive distortion.
Virtually Indestructible
43% glass fill zytel is really, really tough stuff. If you ever succeed in breaking your mirror housing, we’ll replace it in exchange for hearing the story, because it’s bound to be a good one!
Easy to Fold or Remove
RAM components tighten with a thumbscrew, so no tools are needed to remove or reposition the mirror.
Position Anywhere
Stock mirrors are not only hard to adjust, they also have a minimal range of positions available. Ever try to position one so you can see behind you when standing up? No problem with the Doubletake system.
Protect Your Controls
In case of a crash, that which doesn’t move will inevitably break. Stock mirrors often mount to your brake or clutch master cylinder, so hitting one can leave you stranded on the trail. The Doubletake system will move and give way, not only protecting the mirror but your bike as well.
Better for Street
The new Doubletake Adventure is designed for adventure riding where you want your mirror extended most of the time.
Better for Dirt
The original Doubletake Enduro is ideal for dualsport use, where you want the absolute minimum profile when folded down.
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