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Who needs mirrors? You do! But what you don't need are mirrors that are too flimsy to handle the rigors of adventure and dual-sport riding.

That's where DoubleTake Mirrors come in. DoubleTake Mirrors are designed to offer you all the rearview vision you need while tucking safely out of the way when the trail gets rough. Plus, they're built incredibly tough so if you do go down or whack a branch, the mirror will likely survive in fine fashion.

I installed DoubleTake Mirrors on my BMW R 1200 GS motorcycle and really liked what I saw.

The mounts are sturdy and made of high-quality, very tough material. The adjustable clamps allow the mirrors to be adjusted into just about any required position, including a complete fold down for more aggressive trail riding. Both on and off-road, the mirrors held their positions, and the mirror image held its clarity.

The Doubletake Mirrors are made for bikes with stockĀ­ threaded mirror mounts, so order David Negron accordingly.

Being the off-road adventure rider that I am, I give the Doubletake Mirrors a double thumbs up! -Oavid Negron